There is no denying that the human race is developing new technologies quicker than any other generation before us. With most people now reading the news on their smartphone or their tablet, instead of a printed newspaper and people reaching for Google to find a local plumber instead of the good old Yellow Pages, is there still a place in the world for print?

In a world where technology is built into everything, from your watch to your jacket, is there a place for print? Well, the short answer… Yes… Technology is wonderful and it goes to show how as a human race we have progressed and evolved.

However, printed material is still vital to a lot of people out there. With the majority of people preferring to read their novel, magazine or newspaper in a physical form and enjoying the touch, smell and read that a freshly printed material can offer, we believe that the print industry isn’t about to roll over and admit defeat yet.

What Gambit Print Can Do For You

As a Print Management Company, we offer many different sorts printing services. These range from general printing services such as brochures, catalogues, leaflets and stationery – on digital through to B3, B2 and B1 presses.

Print Business Cards

Business Card Printing

The paper calendar, diary and contacts book have all gone digital in recent years, with little to no one making use of the paper alternative. However, we still like to give out a business card as a formal way of introducing ourselves to potential customers. With so many options available from a thick 700 gsm Colorplan boards to your standard 400 gsm silk with Matt lamination or even Velvet lamination giving that rich quality feel.

With all these options available the trick is to make your company stand out from the crowd.

Magazine Printing

Here at Gambit Print, we have over 40 years in the design and print industry giving us a unique perspective and understanding of what our clients want to achieve from a quality Printing and print management company. With advances in digital media, the simply printed magazine is still a vital tool for most businesses. The typical products that we print usually are between 24 to 100 pages A4, A5 and B5 in size. The actual sizes of these are:

  • A4 – 210 x 297mm
  • A5 – 148.5 x 210mm
  • B5 – 176 x 250mm



Magazine Design and Print

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