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Digital Media VS. Print Media

Here at Gambit Print and Gambit Nash we love to keep up with the latest news that is going on within the industry. But just how do you keep up with everything? Well there are pro’s and con’s to both.  In the ever expanding world of technology, we sometimes overlook...

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Heidelberg installed at Belmont Press

The Belmont press is making a return to B2! Starting early next year the firm are investing £1m into a brand new 18,000sph Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 75 with Inpress Control! The machine which will have five colour coatings is going to be installed at the Northampton...

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Paperlinx Loses Revealed

You may have remembered back in April that Paperlinx UK had declined and went into administration. Well today it has been revealed that Paperlinx UK owed trade creditors a massive $106 million. As well as this they also owe more than 360 million to its pension fund....

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