Back in 1740, when there were no computers, no smart phone, no internet! Witherbys started to copy out legal documentation by hand and have now celebrated their 275th anniversary.

The managing director, Mr  revealed the plan to have a fresh brand, and a new website design on the 2nd of July, with the plan that it would go live on the 3rd of July.

They are no longer trading under their previous acquisitions, Lithoflow and Abacus they have now all been brought together under the Witherbys brand as Witherbys s Lithoflow and Witherbys s Digital.

Mr Greene has been quoted as saying “It’s important to have a fresh customer-based service to our clients. We were looking at updating our brand design and the website was a bit stale, so we decided to combine the re-brand with the 275th anniversary.”

Mr Greene said that building up a good customer base and then servicing them well was part of the secret of the company’s longevity. But eyeing future market opportunities and good planning is also important.

“Witherbys s has always been a company that’s looked at the long term, there are still a lot of family values in the way we do business and wonderful, dedicated staff,”.

Over the years they have had numerous customers, like the Worshipful Company of Coopers, and they have worked with them since Thomas Witherbys a freeman of the Coopers’ Company. As well as Livery Companies, Witherbys s supplies corporate City clients, law firms, West End auction houses and galleries and property firms.

After 120 years as City scribes, the company moved into litho printing and became an exclusive UK dealer of the US-invention the Hall Type-Writer from 1883 and moved into the book and journal publishing a few years after. In 1998 they started digital printing and used CtP in 2000. In 2005, Greene and financial director Bill Kelly were appointed as the first non-Witherbys shareholder directors.

The company’s latest investment was a six colour Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 back in December, and they are planning to purchase a Heidelberg folder near the end of this year.

Through the past three centuries, Witherbys s has been burnt to the ground, bombed, and lost countless members of staff to two world wars, they have expanded, contracted and moved numerous times.

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